Saturday, October 20, 2007

Who wants to challenge me to a game of Trivia?

Five hours of is all i got since 6.45am and i wake up to a yet another glorious day. 15 minutes to noon though, lol. The helper came by yesterday evening and cleaned the place up. The kitchen floor is scrubbed and she even helped me take my laundry in from the lines and fold them for me too. I dont have to do the floors today. Just wash another load of dirty clothes. Bliss. So, i'm free from silai chores until they beckons. With so much time on hand to kill, what can one do?

Do you like Trivia Games? You can play some nice challenging trivia games to kill time, you know. I do that once in a while too. Now, you can do that at, which is a new community where members can play against each other for fun. Or if you like, with money too. The trivia games are based on popular topics like tv, movies, sports, music and even general knowledge for those smartalecs. You dont have to worry as those games are very easy to play, and also very easy to win. If you're adventurous enough, you might want to try for the jackpot with hundreds and thousands of dollars in the pot. Who wants to play trivia with me?

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