Saturday, October 20, 2007

Oregon Mortgage Refinance saves you money

I saw my mom at her old house when i sent my kid to school this afternoon. She lives right across the street from his school. I went over and asked her what she's doing there. She told me she was there to clean the place up as someone rented it. I asked her if she has checked the roof or not as she told me that it leaked a few months back and she says she had it fixed already. Maintaining an old house really takes a lot of money. There may be a lot of problems is the previous owner did not maintain the place well.

Given the choice, unless i like the neighborhood very much, i will not buy an old house. I dont want to spend most of the time fixing things. But of course, if i am rich, i can always tear the whole place down and build a new one on the piece of land. My friend did exactly that when she moved over to Oregon a few years back. Both her hubby and she fell in love with a place and bought it for the location. They took up an Oregon mortgage refinance for it and then tore the whole place down and built their dream house on the land, lol. She told me she can afford to do that as the Oregon home mortgage she took has very low interest rates.

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