Saturday, October 06, 2007

Who wants magazines?

I bought my monthly supplies of magazines back together with a few of those foldable magazine holders. You know what i'm talking about, right. No pics, as my O2 Zinc takes horrijible pics and i'm too lazy to switch the sim card over to the N73. Nor am i in the mood to take one with my Sony T100 and upload to flickr and link to my blog. See, talk also sien, right. If the mood strikes, i may take one later cos my desktop now looks so neat, lol.

Anyway, they were piling up mountain-high on my desktop and i cant even take one out without toppling the stack over. As i was sorting them into the holders, i just realised that i have a few months worth of unread magazines. Enough to keep all the customers of a hair salon happy, lol. Yes, that many magazines and i remember giving some away to my sis a few weeks back. Geee... it's either i speed through them or it's time to call her over again.

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