Monday, October 29, 2007

When is the rain gonna stop?

I read from Janice's email that she stayed at a Hawaiian Vacation Kailua resort. She even attached a few photos she took from her balcony and the scene looks spectacular. It's almost as if i was standing there and looking right outside her balcony. I hate Janice for sending me all these pics. Makes me want to pack my bags and go there right now. AND I MEAN RIGHT NOW!!!

If you dont already know, the weather here is still raining everyday. Even if there is the sun right above me, it's not hot and the sky is gloomy with signs of impending rain later on. So, how can a person function properly in this depressing weather, right. Janice told me to read the Kauai Travel Blog first and also check out those Kauai Vacation Rentals listed there. They have a lot of recommendations on where to stay and what the place has to offer. Why dont you go check it out and see if those resorts appeal to you or not.

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