Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What have you bought lately?

I love this time of the year best. This is when all the shopping malls are having their yearend sale. And this will run all the way right up till January. Raya Sale is here and i've been out shopping almost every weekend. There's just so much items on offer, especially electrical goods. Our fridge broke down recently and we're done with fixing it over and over again. I found that my favorite electrical store is selling a 4 door fridge at a promotional price and comes with quite a lot of freebies too. I really cannot resist the offer and bought one right away with my credit card as i can pay for it in interest-free installments.

Hubby wanted to buy the Samsung Plasma TV but i told him that the price will drop further in December. Moreover, our current television set is still in perfect working condition. There's no reason to change it for the time being. It's a totally different story with the fridge. If we dont get a new one, we wont be able to eat at home!!! He agrees with me and would rather wait till the end of year so that we safe more on the purchase. We cannot go on a shopping sprees with our credit cards lest we end up needing Debt Consolidation Services or Credit Card Debt Elimination services one day. We have to be very disciplined when it comes to shopping with our credit cards.

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