Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I want to go to a Hedonism All Inclusive Adult Resort

Well, i went out to the food court again with hubby and had a few rounds of beer. It was raining and we could get back and we were stuck there for more than two hours. Thank god i brought along my laptop and i blogged from the food court using wireless broadband. I managed to convince the boss there to let me use his electric current should my laptop battery runs out too.

I was chatting with my girlfriend on MSN when she told me she just got back from a vacation to one of those adult resorts with her hubby. They left the kids behind with her parents and went to place called Runaway Bay in Jamaica. I has a lot of hedonistic amenities to indulge in and she says i must go there one day. She says one week is not enough and it's best that i book my stay there for at least two weeks. Wow, IF i'm able to get my mom to care for my kids, i'll sure like to go there and indulge in some uninhibited adult fun.

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