Thursday, October 25, 2007

Shall i get a website optimization firm to work on my blogs?

I had a bad dream last night. I didnt sleep well at all. I keep dreaming that something will happen to my blogs ranking as i heard that many top bloggers' blogs got demoted badly. Some by 2 to 3 notches. Many are speculating that it's only a system glitch and that things will stabilize later on. But who knows, huh. Only Google knows and i hope they are really doing something right and not penalizing those high ranking blogs for no reason at all. It takes years to build a high ranking and it's a shame to see some of those blogs suffer such a fate. Many of those are not even heavily monetized.

Most of those bloggers are now saying that it's those text link ads that's causing them to lose their precious PR. Many of my closest blog buddies also see their blogs got smacked and they are really sad over this. They also worked hard on their blog contents and some of them even told me they want to quit blogging for good. But i told them maybe they can get their pr back by the next Google shakeup. There's one almost every 3 to 4 months and if they were to hire a website optimization firm to tweak their blogs a little, things may become better. I think i may want to get a professional website optimization firm to work on my blogs. Though i may not have text link ads here, i still do have Google ads that works in my favor.

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