Tuesday, October 30, 2007

School holiday soon

My 24/7 nightmare is about to start soon. Gordon school holidays is just round the corner and it'll be a long one this time. More than 7 weeks i think, right. Hubby was asking me if i have any plans or not for the next seven weeks or so. All i know is that if i were to have him at home all day long, i'll go mad faster.I got a brochure in my mailbox the other day that a new Daycare with holiday classes for 4 year olds and above are available. It's within walking distance from my house. They will be organizing an open day sometime beginning of next week. I will check the place out and see if i like it or not.

If it's just another one of those daycare with no activities or programs for children, i might as well keep him with me or send him over to my mom's. He still gets to play with his cousins and wont feel so bored. With so much running about at my mom's place, he will sleep as soon as he reaches home too. My friend suggested that i take my kids to Hawaii for a holiday as she just got back from Kauai herself. She stayed at an oceanfront Hawaii beach house which she read about from a Hawaii Travel Blog. She told me it's full Kauai Travel Info and i'll be able to find out more about the place before i go there.

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