Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Moblogging from Hawaii

I just took Malcolm for his jab and got an earful from the nurses, lol. I was three months late for Malcolm's MMR jab. I have to return for the last jab in another three months time. I hope i wont forget this time. I've already keyed the date into my phone. It will definitely beep me one week in advance for at least seven days unless i change it to a new model. Which, i will most probably as my Nokia N73 is driving me nuts now. I'm so itching to trade it in for the latest 8gb Nokia N95. Just waiting for it to hit the stores.

I dont think i want the iPhone as i've seen the thing and it's practically a useless thing. No 3G nothing. It's just another fancy Apple gadget that plays music with a phone function. I was wondering if i can still moblog when i'm enjoying my holiday from one of those Hawaii home rentals or not. But i may just buy one for lansi-ness sake, lol. If you are planning for a trip now, i suggest you hop over to Kauai Travel Blog and read up on Oahu Vacation Info and also find your dream resort there. I'm also checking them out. Hope i find a nice resort for my upcoming trip to Hawaii!!!

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