Monday, October 15, 2007

My cousin's unreasonable neighbor

A new neighbor just moved into a house near my cousin's place. He has a few unleashed dogs and he lets them run around the place unsupervised each evening. My cousin found them loitering and chasing after motorists and children at the park and told his neighbor to keep them locked up lest they hurt someone. There are many children at the park each evening. Those are very large dogs and his neighbor should not let them roam the place. Moreover, they dirty the roads and parks and yet his neighbor dont seem to care nor pick up after them.

He confronted his neighbor once over the matter but was chased out of the house with a bench in hand. He told me over the phone a few nights ago if he ever hit him with that bench, he wont hesitate to report him to the relevant authorities and get those dogs put down. And he will also hire a personal injury attorney to sue the guy. One of his friends hired a personal injury attorney once when he was bitten by his neighbor's dogs too. I agree with my cousin that he ought to report the matter to the police before any unforeseen circumstances happen.

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