Monday, October 15, 2007

Boost your immune system with colloidal silver

You know how the weather is these days, right. It's rain rain rain rain rain, and then very hot for a few days before it rains continuously for another few days again. It is these kind of gloomy and unpredictable weather that makes people fall ill, especially the old and young children.

My neighbor was just telling me his son was playing football happily in the field opposite our house when there was a sudden downpour. He was caught in the rain, and by nightfall, he was running a fever. He caught a cold and was unable to go to school for a few days.

She remembered she bought some colloidal silver earlier and gave him some. She heard that colloidal silver is very good for the immune system and it will help her son recover faster. Yes, i do know of the health benefits of colloidal silver. It's a natural antibiotic and very good for minor ailments too. My Grandma swears by it.

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