Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Wrong timimg

I slept at 3am+ and those knnccb LL opps had to come out right after i've turned the blardy monitor off. Malcolm woke up and was crawling all over the bed. I went doen and turned the damn light off, leaving the room in total darkness. And when the room is dark, he'll sleep, and my melatonin levels also started to peak and i slept like a pig too. I didnt hear my MSN beep cos i never turn on the volume, nor did i hear my phone rang. Knnccb, you know how much i missed out just lidat????? Tiuuu, there goes $35. Cilaka...... i'm so not going to bed till 5am this time.

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Our Journey said...

i lost $28 when i was down with morning sickness :(