Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Do you play poker?

Hubby came back and saw Gordon playing with those playing cards and asked me where he found them. Like i said earlier, he got them from him Grandma's room. I asked hubby to observe him playing with those cards and he was surprised to see Gordon having so much fun with them. Hubby's concerned he might lose them and he has no cards to play with later. I told hubby i'll be buying new decks to replace the ones he's playing with right now. I know he will be needing them for his Poker sessions with his friends.

Have you sat together with poker players at a game before? I hate the silence. You dont call them poker-face for nothing. But i cant sitting at the table for long because it's darn boring to me. I'd rather go back to my room and play with my kids. Since i'll be getting new playing cards, i asked hubby how come i no longer see him using the poker table anymore. I see them hunched over the coffee all the time. Must be really tiring as they play all night long. I told him those Cardroom Supply Poker Table Sets are much better and if he likes, i can buy one back for him also.

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