Friday, September 14, 2007

Will you visit a plastic surgeon?

My girlfriend complained to her husband that after years of breastfeeding her 4 children, her breasts have sagged and no longer looks full. She's tried all those push-up bras to help her look better in her clothes, but they done seem to be of much help. Yes, i've tried wearing those puch-up bras before. My god, they are really hot and i dont like the wires digging into me too. What she did was she went to visit Los Angeles Breast Augmentation expert and have her breasts augmentated. She showed me some before and after pictures and i dare say he did a very good job. Looks so natural, nothing fakey at all. Those plastic surgeons are so skillful these days. My friend now looks so good in her new dresses. No wonder she's wearing all those dresses with plunging necklines now, lol. She really wants to show off her hew purchase.

I told hubby if one day i'm old and no longer look attractive, he'll have to sponsor me a trip to visit a los angeles plastic surgeon. I know all those celebrity plastic surgery are world renowned for their skills in turning ugly ducklings into swans. I may look attractive now, but who knows what will i look like 20 years down the road, right. I tell you, hoh. If you ever catch your man staring at young and pretty girls, remind him that you were once that hot too. Men all needs to be reminded constantly, or their eyes will stray, lol. That's exactly what one of my girlfriend did. She caught him staring at a hot young chick one day and told him she's going for a complete makeover and she's charging it to his Platinum credit card, lol. He stopped staring, lol. Is yours like that? You may want to try this trick out on him.

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