Friday, September 14, 2007

I'm accommodating some advertising networ, cisss

Okay, so i took down my rant i posted last night to "accommodate" some advertising network. I have posted the opp up with some editing and let's just sit down and see what those sneaky advertisers are up to. Are they going to turn around and say hey, "Your post is unsatisfactory..... blah blah blah. I flagged it. Banned your account for good too, bye. Forget about writing for me in the future."

I did not see the opp on my list at all. But i'm more interested in seeing what they are up to. Wont know until i get some tulan email. Not now though. They are all still fast asleep in their cosy beds. I'm also feeling moody today. And no, NOT PMS, k. Just some events that took place that pissed me off. So, the blogs shall rot till my mood's back. Screw the moolah for the time being.

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