Saturday, September 22, 2007

Why would he want to buy NFL Jerseys

Now, let me tell you why i dont quite like changes. I just bought a new phone for hubby and i'm having a major headache learning everything from scratch. I think i've had enough of Nokia phones for the time being and bought him the O2 Zinc. Yeah, you heard me right. See how much i spoil my man, lol. Dont get jealous. Birthdays only happen once a year. He also bought me quite a number of gifts for my birthday. Yes, Not one, but many. I have to spend so much time learning all about the new Windows Mobile 5. All those email settings and RSS settings and blah blah blah. Quite mind boggling. And i have to do everything for him. He's a born tech idiot, period.

I may have to go back to the phone shop later on to set something onto the phone. Hubby wants those business dictionaries and also medical dictionaries. And he wants to buy our kid those NFL Jerseys. I told him he wont be able to wear cos he's still so small. I doubt if they carry it in his size, He's only 4, lol. But if he wants to buy, i wont stop him. He can be very stubborn at times. Gordon can wear them when he's bigger. But i wonder why he wants to buy NFL Jersey at the store when i can get them at Isnt it more convenient that way. DOnt have to drive all the way to the mall. But like i said, as long as i'm not the one who's driving the car, he can do as he please.

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