Sunday, September 23, 2007

Shopping for Halloween costumes

I've been out nearly everyday this week. Moreover, it's Saturday and Sunday. I'm pretty screwed these two days. Hubby always wants to take the kids out shopping and i have to go along. I told him he can just take Malcolm along and leave Gordon behind with me, but he doesnt want to and insists that we go together.

Anyway, it's also good cos i'm forced to take a break. I promised Gordon that i will make him his favorite pasta this week and i'm out of pasta sauce. I dont want to buy the regulars. Gordon like the organic ones and he can tell the difference. He wont eat and will tell me "MM MAI" the moment the spoon goes near him. That kid's nose is really sensitive to changes in his food....geeeezzz.

Hubby says he wants to look for some nice presents for his nephews and nieces this Halloween. Maybe he meant those Halloween Costume he saw the other day. But i hear him say he saw some at an online store the other day. So, which is which now. Buy at the mall or online. But knowing him, he'll most likely get me to buy them from him online. It's more convenient and we get more choice too.

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