Thursday, September 27, 2007

Quality bed linen from Terry's Fabrics

I love checking out the linen department whenever i go to the shopping malls. I can spend a long time there walking from aisle to aisle. It's important that i get a good night's sleep so that i can fubction better during the day. My kids sleep with me too. They are very particular about bright colors. My mother-in-law used to buy bed linen for me as gifts. She doesnt know that my boys may not like those colors and refuse to go to bed at night.

I prefer to go for pale muted tones. Not reds or fuschia as far as bed linen goes. It's too bright to sleep in a it. I love those bedding at Terry's Fabrics. Have you been to the site before. I fell in love with their muted tones immediately. It makes the room so much more classy and blends with almost any decor well. I'd like to change my queen-sized bed to a king-sized bed soon. I'll be needing new bed linen. I'll get a few sets from Terry's Fabric's this time. My boys are going to like it.

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