Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Nice view from the balcony

I've done lots of research on Hawaii vacation rentals and so far, of all the reviews that i have read about, those Maui condos are my top favorite rentals. My friend came back from Hawaii recently and told me all about her vacation there. It's actually her 30th wedding anniversary. They went there for their honeymoon 30 years ago and her hubby thought it'd be a romantic getaway for the both of them now that their kids are all grown up and two of them are even working.

She told me she had a great time relaxing at the private pool at the resort which she found whilst checking out those great Hawaiian vacation information. She booked themselves a nice resort at Oahu vacation rentals and stayed there for more than two weeks. Check out the view from their balcony in the picture. How nice. I wish i can do that too. But dont tell me i've gotta wait till my 30th wedding anniversary. I'll be too old to even be seen sunbathing in all my hot hot hot bikinis.

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