Monday, September 03, 2007

I wanna sunbathe in the nude

Jason sent a pic of his trip to Hawaii. That's him in the picture. Just back from surfing. I love the sunset view very much. He told me his wife took the picture from a higher ground. She' darn afraid of the waters. Wonder why they went to Hawaii in the first place. He stayed at a very nice resort called the Home Sweet Home Upstairs, that's just two blocks from the beach.

He told me i should book those Maui vacation homes which he read so much about at Hawaii Travel Information site. Ya, i'm planning a trip there towards the end of this year. But two blocks from the sea is a bit too far away, isnt it. I hate to walk. I prefer somewhere nearer. Better still if it's on a nudist beach. But then, both my kids will be along. Unless i get hubby to keep an eye on them whilst i sunbathe in the nude there, i really dont mind going to Hawaii.

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