Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Any Hawaii 5 O reruns?

Many retirees go to Hawaii for their Summer vacation. And like my uncle, he stays there for more than a month at any one time. He goes there nearly every year. I have absolutely no idea why he finds Hawaii so alluring. I've never even been there once. The closest i got to Hawaii was the movie, Hawaii 5 O. And that was what??? More than thirty years ago, i guess. I was just a tot when the show was aired and both my sis and brother will be glued to the couch watching it.

I guess the reason why my uncle can stay there for such a long time is because of those luxury Oahu vacation rentals like Tradewinds, which i've read about at Hawaii travel blog. Those arent your everyday kind of resort. This property alone requires a 30 day minimum stay. And i think this is just one of the many resorts that my uncle stayed at before. Take a look at the pic and tell me wht you think. Nice? At $1800 per night, it had better be.

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