Sunday, September 02, 2007

I owe Gordon his Mickey Tee

I was too busy blogging and trying to hit my August target that i didnt get to finish knitting Gordon's Mickey Mouse tee in time for his birthday last Wednesday. But then, not to worry, hubby bought him lots of Mickey Mouse T-shirt from his overseas trip last month. His aunt also bought him one Mickey Mouse T-shirt. Even if i didnt finish his for him, there's plenty for him to wear.

But everytime he peeks into my knitting bag, he'll say, "Mickey"..... Ya ya ya, Gordon, Mama know i owe you a tee, but i think a trip to SeaWorld would be much better, right. How about that. Just need to check out those SeaWorld Tickets at to see what's available for a family trip for 4. Isnt this much better than wearing a knitted Mickey Tee?

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