Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Get those documents digitally archived

Hubby told me that my MIL was complaining that we have far too many boxes stored at the attic. She wanted to store some of her unused kitchen appliances up there and cannot find the space. My MIL loves to buy kitchen and electrical appliances. It's kinda like a hobby to her. She will only use them a few times and store them up at the attic. Me, on the other had, only used one corner of the attic. The rest of the space is filled with all her stuff.

Hubby suggested we engage a professional Document Scanning Service to scan all our boxes of documents and have them digitally archived instead of taking up so much space. he remebered that's what his friend did when he had to maintain his employees financial records after some new ruling. He did the same thing by engaging a Document Scanning Service to handle all his documents so that he can retrieve them more easily when the need arise. Good idea. I'll check that out.

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