Monday, September 17, 2007

Do you need to replace your windows?

Our house was infested with termites last year. We found out about it the door jamb sounded hollow and started giving way when we closed the door. It was terrible. We had to hire a pest control specialist back to take care of the problem. And that cost us a lot of money and also lots of work. Apart from having to replace the door jamb and wooden door, our windows were affected too. Those were also replaced.

My sister is now facing a similar problem. Her house has termites too. She has to replace her windows and asked me to recommend her a good company. I told her to check with Anglian Home, They are well known throughout UK for their home improvements products. I love those casement windows very much. Mine has double glazing. I asked my sis to check out those Sash Windows. Those would suit her decor very much.

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