Saturday, September 29, 2007

Do you need help on debt relief?

I personally feel that financial education should start from young. Best if a child is taught how to handle money and what it is the moment he starts schooling. It's irony that most parents do not allow their children to handle money. I often hear them say they are far too young. So, how young is young? I asked Sally, a friend of mine if she encourages her kid to save up the pocket money she gives him and surprisingly, she says no. He will spend all of it in a few days time and will ask for more even though she gives him a week's allowance every Monday. And Sally will always give him more. I feel this is not right.

I later learned from another friend that Sally is seeking Debt Relief help a few weeks back. There were Sale everywhere and she's been on a shopping spree. She overspent and busted all 5 of her credit cards. She has to seek more info on Credit Card Consolidation now. So now i understand why she never bothered to teach her kid the importance of saving up for a rainy day. How can she when she cannot even handle her own? Dont make the same mistake like what Sally did. Teach your kids to save from young and never to spend unnecessarily.

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