Saturday, September 29, 2007

Buying a used car

It's actually not a very good thing when one has too much time on hand to kill. Hubby says it's time i start driving Gordon to school and not to rely on anyone else. In other words, that means him. My mother-in-law will help me send Gordon once in a while, but she's not feeling too well these days. And my father-in-law is also busy with his business to help me out. The reason hubby said this is because he has a lot of traveling to do and would rather i drive Gordon to and from school.

So, what we did yesterday was we went to a Used Cars dealer's and checked out what they have. Hubby suggested we get an MPV as it's more suitable for a family car. Good for traveling and also shopping since there's so much space at the back. As we need to have two car seats installed, the extra seats at the back will come handy as others can still sit too, unlike our car now. No one gets to come in our car as we dont have space for a third person at the back with two car seats, lol. Looks like i'll be going to a lot of Used Cars dealer's these few weeks. Hope i find what i like.

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