Monday, September 24, 2007

Ashop shopping cart software

A few of my friends just set up their online store. They told me now is the best time as people are beginning to start hunting for good deals on the internet for the coming festive season. They know that i have an online store but havent gotten round to officially launching it yet. They kept asking me when i can provide them with the url, lol.

This is what puzzled me the most. I really did not let them know about my online store at all. Only a few of my close friends know about it. There's nothing much at the store except for a good range of the Organic Skincare that i've been using and selling for years. I've never promoted the store and it doesnt even have a shopping cart there.

Anyway, they asked me to try installing Ashop, a shopping cart software and see my business grow. Told me it offers a complete solution for merchants like me to sell online. In a way, it's true also what they say. No harm trying it out. My customers are going to benefit more with an integrated shopping cart on the site and would mosy probably buy more from me..

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