Friday, September 07, 2007

Are you looking for a website optimization firm?

My cousin called me up yesterday and told something. He was dining at his friend's restaurant this afternoon. My cousin just finished giving a presentation to his customer using his laptop. His friend happened to be in and joined him at the table. His friend seeing my cousin had his computer with him, boasted to him about his new website. He asked my cousin to key in the name of his restaurant and hit the search button.

My cousin did just that for the fun of it. The thing is, the search engine result showed MY website, lol. Not the restaurant's website. I wrote about the restaurant sometime back. My cousin nearly broke out in laughter when he saw how red his friend's face has become. He's well known in the neighborhood for being snobbish and arrogant. I think he wont be bragging so much about his website this time.

You see, i got to know later that when his friend did his website, he did not hire a website optimization firm to optimize his website for the search engines. It's imperative for businesses to hire a website optimization firm or web designer to help maximize their online visibility. If he had done so when he designed his website, then the search engine would have returned him a more favorable result.

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