Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Anyone here needs cash advance?

I was out again for the whole of yesterday afternoon. I was supposed to go along with hubby to pick our kid back from school.Take him out for some food, and that's it. We ended up going to the shopping mall again and came home at around 8pm. A whole day spent having fun and i did not get much done also.

There was someone waiting for me the moment i arrived home. Some relatives dropped by as it was Mid-Autumn Festival and brought their noisy kids along. And the thing is they brought their noisy lanterns along too. The whole house was full of children running about with lanterns with high-pitched music blaring from them. Sickening.

Apparently, they were over to ask for a loan from hubby. They thought that we will not refuse them since it's Mooncake Festival and we're all celebrating and that he will surely extend a loan to them out of goodwill. Too bad, they still owe us money. But if they really need a loan that desperately, i suggested they try applying for a cash advance at They should have no problem since the amount they wanted to borrow isnt much and no credit checks is needed.

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