Thursday, August 23, 2007

Where to find a reputable recruitment agency?

The staff hubby hired recently isnt performing up to his expectation. When he came for the interview, he said he is able to carry all the duties assigned to him. But it turned out he was lying all the time. He's under probation, so hubby let him go. But, he finds that it's wasted a lot of his precious time. He's not going to conduct anymore open interviews anymore.

He's getting Feldman Associates, Inc. to provide him with high-quality employees. They have a high standard of service and commitment in the recruiting field. They are a reputable recruitment agency and pride themselves with their discretion and consistent record of successful placements. I'm sure with their help, hubby wont get frustrated with incompetent staff anymore. You may want to check out their Executive Search Firm Blog for more information.

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