Thursday, August 23, 2007

My sis stayed at a Wailea beachfront condo

My sister got a wonderful tan after she came back from Hawaii. She's so lucky to get two weeks off work to enjoy herself in the sun and the beach. Ya, her company let her off as she has to clear all her leave anyway, lol. Went there together with my brother-in-law. She didnt take her 3 girls along with her. Though it's the school holidays, they prefer to stay home with their Grandma for once. Big girls already.

She told me to take a look at those Hawaii home rentals brochures she brought back from her trip. She knows that i might be going there towards the end of the year buit havent decided on where to stay. She stayed at a Wailea beachfront condo. Take a look at the pic, nice eh. It's a nice place with high-speed internet access and also air-conditioned. Some of the luxuries includes linens, a huge gourmet kitchen complete with house wares as well as customized, upscale bathroom amenities. I will get hubby to check that out.

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