Sunday, August 19, 2007

What password??????

Aitelyu... i spent the whole day fiddling with my new blogs and those that are rotting out there somewhere. So many codes to copy and paste, so many templates to upload and change. I've forgotten how many i've got by now and i cant retrieve some of the passwords, damn. Ya, i wrote them down somewhere in a book, just have to find the book, knn. My brain isnt running on IBM memory, k.

Talking of memory, my new pc has 2gb of Ram, really fast. Do you think IBM memory will make it go faster? I havent got a clue. But if you want to get IBM memory, you can get them online from, ya. Dont have to worry if you dont know your computer's memory type. They have a Memory Wizard that'll help you find your exact computer memory type with the click of a button! How can you go wrong?

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