Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Sssshhhh.... Malcolm's asleep

I just got Malcolm to bed a while ago. He's been rather cheeky these days and refuse to go to sleep at night. Wants Mama to play with him. Usually, i get hubby to help out at this hour as this is the time i work. Apart from nursing him, i do not wish to be disturbed. But then he's gone outstation and wont be back till 5am? I have no idea, sigh....

The best and easiest way to keep him busy and entertained is turning on the DVD for him to watch his Gogo or Barney. But then, Korkor is asleep and i dont want the sound of the tv to wake him up. So, Malcolm played with his toys until he got tired and dozed off by himself.

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Simple American said...

It can really tough sometimes. Velcro walls and baby belts. There has to be a market for that.