Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Enrol for driver's ed at Labonte's Auto School

How was were you when you obtain your driving license? I got mine at 19, late huh. Dont laugh at me. My parents told me if i want to learn how to drive, i have to pay the fees by myself. I just started working and my pay was like; miserable. So, go imagine how many months i have to save up before i got my driving license. And thank god i passed it on the first attempt.

Now that's it's holiday season, do you have a kid that's of driving age? If yes, i think it's a good idea to send him for drivers ed. Now, if you live in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, then do check out Labonte's Auto School. They are now offering a one-week holiday classes. Dont miss the opportunity to get your driver's license this summer holiday, ya!!!

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