Sunday, August 05, 2007

Please Donate your Boat to Charity

Have you been out to see on a fishing boat or yacht before? I have, many times. When i was a working girl, i used to go fishing with my friends on Jason's dad's fishing boat. It's not a very large boat, but it's just right for about 10 - 15 persons. It's actually their company's boat. I noticed on one of our trips that they have changed to a new one. I got curious and asked Jason what happened to the old one. He says they just leave it until someone wants to buy it from them or simply give it away. But most of the time they will just leave it as it is. Frankly speaking, not many people can afford to upkeep and maintain a boat.

If i have a boat that i no longer have use for, i will definitely Donate my Boat to Boat Angel. Boat Angel receives Boat donations and will also collect those unused boats for free, auction them off and channel the proceeds to the needy. If i ever get the chance to meet my friend one day, i'll be sure to tell him about Boat Angel. Anyone interested in donating their boats can call Boat Angel free-of-charge on 1.800.227.2643 or Their DIRECT PICKUP LINE 1.480.834.4191 for more information on Boat Donations and how you can be part of this.

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