Sunday, August 05, 2007

Colloidal Silver is a natural antibacterial agent

Did i tell you that Gordon had a bad bout of food allergy when we were holidaying at Port Dickson recently? He's not had this before. I've always been very careful with his diet and make sure that he doesnt eat all those junk food nor high-risk foods like shelled seafood. Even when we were at PD, i only ordered him rice or noodles; things he usually eats. Though the rice he ate contains seafood like some prawns, cuttlefish and fish fillet, he's eaten those before and i am very sure he did not get the allergy from that.

Then i remembered we went out for dinner to a nearby restaurant on the night before we left. We had a dish of fried oysters with eggs called Oh-jian. Have any of you tried that before? It's a delicious dish,the mouth-watering kind, lol. Of course i didnt get Gordon any, but somehow, i have a feeling that it got mixed with his noodles and that's how he got the rashes all over his legs. And when i say it's all over, i mean it's really ALL OVER. From butt to toes!!! And he was scratching it all the time till we got home, poor thing.

I ttok him to pay a visit to my friend who's a pharmacist and he prescribed him some antihistamine and an ointment. It's much better now, but there are still lots and lots of marks all over both his legs and he still scratches them once in awhile. A friend recommended that i give him some colloidal silver, which happens to be a natural antibacterial agent. Colloidal silver was very famous during the olden days. Only now, with medical advancement,people now prefers the fast-acting antibiotic. Alright, if i can get hold of some, i'll try it out and see if his conditions improves.

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