Saturday, August 25, 2007

Learn how to invest in real estate

Once a week, my classmates and i will meet up for high-tea at a fancy restaurant. I dont really like to go as all they talk for the whole two hours are topics like, "Do you like my new diamond ring?", "How, my new hairdo?", "Marie France is having a promotion.", "My husband has a new girlfriend.", "My husband bought me a new car", blah blah blah. I hate all these small talks as they bore me to death. I'm only interested in topics on how to improve oneself. I want more enterprising topics please. Sorry, not from these ladies.

A few of my girlfriends married rich men. Even though they have all the money in the world in the world to splurge on themselves, their husbands have more to splurge on their girlfriends. There's nothing much they can do about it as they depend on their husbands to provide them with all the luxuries that they are so used to. In fact, they are too pampered for my liking and yet have to live with the fact that their husbands cheat on them all the time. How depressing.

Not all of my classmates are like these. There are two that made it on their own. They are housewives turned property investors. I havent bought my own property yet as i'm still living with my in-laws since the day i came back to my hometown. They told me it's time i venture into property investment as it's very rewarding. To buy and see your property's value appreciate over the years is definitely better than all the cars and diamonds that you can buy. And they certainly dont need their husbands to provide them with money to spend. They are very financially secured.

I agree, but at the same time curious as to how they started and where they learnt how to invest in real estate from. They told me if i'm serious about learning this trade, i'm to check out PEI University. This is where they Learn how to invest in real estate FREE . I've gone through the site and read some of the testimonials and saw lots of smiling faces. Why not. I have all the time in the world. If my friends can do it, why not i. Given time, i'm sure i can be just as successful in real estate investing too.

*This post si sponsored by PEI University*

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