Saturday, August 04, 2007

I'm gonna get myself a Digital Framez

There was nothing much to do when i got back from high tea. So, what i did was go through all the photos of my Port Dickson trip on my computer. It brought back so much memories and also reminded myself that i must make the time to go on more vacations. Especially when the kids are still small. It's easier to just take off when they are not schooling yet. Nursery school dont count, k. LOL!!!

You know we left Mickey behind and Gordon was sitting right behind me then. When the picture of Mickey came up, he pointed at it again and said, "Mickey" with a pouty mouth. *shakes head* In came hubby and he told me to select some of those photos and have them printed out for framing. He wants to display them all over the room. But then, there were so many that i like, especially the one with Mickey in it for Gordon.

Let me tell you this, I dont have so much space to place all those that i like. So, i told him why not we buy one of those digital picture frame instead. It's the digital age, so doesnt it make sense to display our favorite photos digitally? Moreover, we can even playback short movie clips and even listen to MP3 music too. Hubby likes the idea very much and says if i like it so much, i can get a few. Gee, i'm going to get the 10" digital frame as it comes with a free 256Mb SD memory card!!!

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