Thursday, August 09, 2007

I'm going to get myself an Extreme Makeover

Alright, if you've been following my blogs, you would have read that my hubby's cousin is marrying a Los Angeles plastic surgeon. Geeeee... i wanted to tell you the date but i cant remember now. I'm really getting forgetful. I'd better go note the date down on my Outlook and set a reminder to it. And what's worse, i cant remember where i placed the wedding invitation card now.... DOHHHHH!!!!

Actually what i wanted to say was when i told hubby about Mabel, her husband, the Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon, the wedding dinner, blah, blah, blah.... he jumped right up from where he's sitting and stared at me. And he stared at me real hard. I gave him a glare and asked, "Weiii, why are you staring at me like that. I dont like that look on your face". He then shook his head and asked, "Eh, where are your boobs? How come i cant see any cleavage now? How come?"

I gave him a killer stare and pointed my fingers at our two precious boys. "Neh... they sucked it all out of me already. What cleavage now... no more, finito, kaput!!!" I told him if he wants to see cleavage, he can either engage Mabel's husband to have it done for me or go get himself a new girlfriend with bouncy breasts. He shut up and went back to reading his car magazines lest i whined on and on about my absent cleavage, lol.

To show him who's in control of the cleavage issue, i'm so going to get Mabel to introduce a few los angeles plastic surgery experts to me. I want those that specialize in los angeles tummy tuck and also those oh-so-famous beverly hills liposuction that celebrities like Michelle Yeoh visits every now and then. Ah hah.... i think that's how she found her toad :P

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