Friday, August 03, 2007

Hubby suggest Hawaii worrr

Now, i'm a bit blur. When i told hubby about my Godma's invitation to visit Australia, he says we do indeed have a choice whether to go there or maybe go to Hawaii, take my pick. So, now how? I've never been to either place. Both sounds fun to me. One, down under. The other, so exotic. Wah, since i havent accepted my Godma's offer, hubby says i can go check out all those travel Hawaii details online.

I'd better get it done fast because Hubby seldon throws such a good offer my way, lol. I did find a lot of those Hawaiian travel info and i'm so gonna compare them all one by one. So many to go through and list down. Travelling with kids is very different compared to a trip for two. We cant just pack our bags and go. We have to make sure the place we stay are suitable for them or now. Oh, dont worry, There are plenty of reviews for me to go through. No hurry.

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