Friday, August 03, 2007

Hanalei beach resort

I'm starting with a place called Hanalei bay resort first. There are lots and lots of places that i can stay at Hawaii, so, i'd better check out as many as possible. I read that Hanalei Bay Resort happens to be one of the most exclusive resort destinations in the country. And one of their main features are a pristine white sandy beach. Hawaii is full of beaches anyway, what the heck. That's good also, my kids love the to run on the beach!!!

Hanalei Beach Resort has a premier restaurant on Kauai for us to dine at. Has 8 tennis courts and 2 pools. No, i dont play tennis, but then, i'm going to lounge at the pool and watch hubby swim with the kids. There's also a lounge with live entertainment every evening. Hubby will like having a drink or two there. This resort also has a spectacular ocean views of Hanalei Bay & Bali Hai. Not bad!!! There's more Hawaii travel information coming right up. Dont go away.

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