Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Dreaming of Bahamas

I was debating with my friend the other day that Hawaii is better than Bahamas. She got to know that i'll be going there end of this year and told me to consider Bahamas too. She went there with her family two months ago and told me it's way better than Hawaii anytime. She's been to Hawaii twice before, that's why she dare say it's good. I've not been to either place.

She told me to check out to read for myself what i may be losing out on if i were to go to Hawaii instead. She told me there are more attractions and the food is great. They have a very unique style of blending their natural resources with international influences. Definitely a must-try. She also says the beaches are sandy white and the the weather there is superb. Sounds so good to me. Ok, i'll check it out. If what she says is true, i may have a word with hubby.

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