Thursday, August 30, 2007

Are you looking for nursing jobs?

When i first graduated from high school, i didnt know what course to take to further my studies. Well, that was before i went to a Graphics and Advertising School. An old family doctor friend of ours told my mom that nursing will be a good and steady job and that it can be very rewarding too. He told my mom to talk to me and asked me to consider it carefully and to talk to him if i have any questions. He will help me get a place in a good nursing school should i be interested. And it wasnt easy then as openings for nurses are scarce then. And no, i didnt go to nursing school afterall.

Last week, my aunt dropped by and told me her daughter is looking for a nursing job and asked me if i can help her out or not. I told her she can find out more about Nursing Jobs at Unlike my time, looking for a nursing job is so easy nowadays. She can read from the site to see if the job is suitable for her or not. The job requirement is clearly written together with its shifts, time, locations and descriptions. My aunt thanked me and says she hope my cousin will be able to find one soon.

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