Friday, August 17, 2007

Airinet cuts the cord in Pueblo

I've just had my wireless broadband service set up and i can vouch on how fast and convenient it is. Previously, i've always been stuck at my computer table all day long. If i want to enjoy wireless internet access, wifi is my only option. Oh yes, apart from my house, it's available at Starbucks, Coffee Bean and many other places. But sometimes, i just dont want to sit at those places. What i want is to go online whenever and wherever i want to.

I'd like to share with you that Airinet is going to introduce the super fast and easy wireless internet access services to the Pueblo too. Yes, it's just like what i'm enjoying right now. The telephone nor cable connections is ever needed. You wont see anymore wires, modems, phone and cable jack. This broadband service is providing them the wireless freedom with instant activation upon sign up.

Airinet broadband service is offered at a flat rate of $25 per month. Unlike many others that makes you sign contracts for up to two years at least. There wont be any late fees and no modems and also no wiring fess. Isnt this great? Moreover, subscribers are given 100MB of email and 100MB of web hosting free with any monthly plan. They can now sign up and get connected instantly by just filling the online sign up form. Forget about waiting for the installer to arrive ever. Freedom is now here!

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