Tuesday, July 24, 2007

When is it ever gonna stop raining worrr, knn

It started raining on Saturday, the day i my vacation ended. Came back and found that the cb washing machine sott9jorr again. And i dont know how my MIL can keep on washing her clothes in there when the stupid drum wont turn. Most likely she wasnt even aware of that. Usual lah, she sleeps 24/7... like dead only, tiu.

I ranted to hubby to get her to agree to a new one but no news till now. Only a blardy black face since we asked. Hello, we're paying lah, nmfl. Cilaka, i have about 6 - 8 loads of laundry to go through, wokay. Why, cos the knn 5kg front loader can no longer take in so much that i am somehow forced to reduce the load by 50% or even more. The cb weather also not cooperative since the night i got back. Clothes not drying properly. At least it didnt rain the whole time i was at PD.

So, these few days, i've been writing and writing and writing cos offers are piling up, about to expire and new ones keep coming in (lansi-nya saya cakap ni), and also washing, washing , washing and more washing..... bllleeaaarrrggghhhh!!!! The repairman came by this morning and changed some dunno what motor and the drum is turning again. Fine, save me at least 1.2k. Yerrr...... 3 loads to go, niamah.

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Simple American said...

Rain, rain go away...

It won't stop raining here either. I'm considering to buy a boat for the backyard..