Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Rm1 million not much money, wokay

Shoppingmum wants to 8 what would i do if i have 1 million bucks worr. Wei.... in what denomination worr?? Rm1m no syiok worr. Maybe i have already lehh? Mana tau?? Rupiah or Pounds? If Rupiah hoh, easy jek. Skali i go makan also habis di. Go KLCC also tak cukup leh. Abuthen hoh.... if in British Pounds, then ah hah!!!! That's a different storyline altogether loh.

Let me think big assuming i so rich say got 1m British Pounds fall onto my lap. What will i do sinn?

Tuesday, July 24, 2007 (Source)

1,000,000 British Pound = 7,019,130 Malaysian Ringgit
1,000,000 Malaysian Ringgit (MYR) = 142,468 British Pound (GBP)

So, i have Rm7m to splurge on. First thing i do is go see my financial planner to diversify my portfolio. Calculate how much interest/profit minus tax per annum i can earn. 50% of that i use for my normal expenses. The other 50% for reinvestment, new business ventures and business expansion so that i make more. Simple, sensible, down to earth, no frills less thrills lifestyle..... like now lah.

For me, less is more. I just want to spend time with my kids and family, free from financial worries for life. My kids' future both secured. Go on holidays whenever i want to. Buy all the yarn i want and knit till i sott. Lead an absolute organic lifestyle. And all the cb relatives can all go to hell for all i care. No more dropping by my place unannounced.

My philosophy in life is M.M.O.B - Mind My Own Business. So, i'm not interested in knowing what others do with their money. The only thing i'm interested in is how to get hold of the 1m British Pounds to that turn the above into a reality.


shoppingmum said...

Niamah, damn lansi. But I like your style!!!
ya lah, 1 million really not much leh...

Simple American said...

Dun want a million US$? 0.0