Sunday, July 29, 2007

Today Sunday i no rant worr, kakaka

Today's a great beginning to Sunday. We all woke up at 10am. I made Gordon his Goat's milk and gave him two slices of Gardenia's Toast'em bread. Then, as i said last night, i made Malcolm Egg and milk custard. He liked it and ate them all up. Great. Another easy meal i can make for him. Geeee.... i just love it when they eat everything up without whining or scrunching up their faces, lol.

He shall have lunch of Porridge with carrots, chicken and scallop. It's still cooking in the crockpot. I've not eaten yet. Only had a glass of Soya Wakame and another glass of milk when i cooked Malcolm his custard. I bought pasta sauce and a few packets of San Remo's Spirals last night. Most likely cook myself some when i feel like eating. And ya.... two packets of wafer cubes too!!!!

Hubby shows no signs of wanting to go out today. I'm not too bothered too. I wanna knit all day long. I've only done a few inches on my crochet blouse. I also just realised that I'm only a month away from completing Gordon's 4th Birthday Tee :o Sei larrr... hope i make it in time lorrrr.... Where am i now? I think at 20% gua....... better not procrastinate any longer. Ciao!!!

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mumsgather said...

Have you done the 8 things about me tag? If not, why not share with your readers. If you have done so before, sorry I missed it. Hehe.