Sunday, July 29, 2007

Nestle rice porridge

I'm in the mood to make milk custard for Malcolm tomorrow and went to get some Dutch Lady fresh milk at a nearby shopping mall. I found this Nestle Rice Porridge on the same shelf where i found the milk.

I've only bought Nestle cereal for Gordon last time; not this. I'm curious as to how they'll taste and whether my baby will like them or not, so i grabbed two boxes. One in each flavor. Cooking time takes only 3 minutes. Since Malcolm was hungry, i cooked him a packet just now.

So easy. Boil some water, snip open the packet and pour everything in. Stir, stir, stir and gautim. I cooked the Fish Porridge.

This is what the porridge looks like. I spooned off some excess water before i gave them to Malcolm. Has some carrots bit and spring onions in it. Fish? What fish? Got meh?

Nevermind.... he ate everything up. So, i'm so gonna stock a few more boxes after this two. This will definitely make the ultimate emergency food when i'm too lazy to cook. The taste? Okay lah. Nothing like my porridge though, lol. next time, i'll add an egg to it for extra nutritional value.

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dorischua said...

Hey. check the ingredients. Usually there is msg or sodium added lo. mayb should add some vegetables too?