Wednesday, July 25, 2007


You see hoh, i woke up early this morning. As usual the room's always a mad house until Gordon goes to school. With me having to prepare his breakfast, wash, change, nurse Malcolm, change VDCs, blah, blah, blah. Aiya, all silai stuff lah, amidst lots of crying and you know lah, what the heck. Everyday affair.

And just now hoh, my loukung dumped a stack of cheques at me and asked me to scan and email them to some knn and went out to the bank. I was just about to go cook Gordon his lunch. But my loukung also the type hoh, dont care what you may be doing wann. He wants it done NOW means NOW that type leh. I have already prepared the pasta, water and milk boiling on the stove.

I came in to scan them in and then the pasta got burnt. I called him up and asked him to buy some food back on the way home and he asked me to go cook again. Say having a chat with someonewor, niamah. Tiulah, i had to scrub the pot down and make another batch. You know how much work that is. What to do, pasta is all i have and i had to cook again loh, wtf.

This is already the second time since i got back that he asked me to do things for him that fucked up what i'm doing. The other day, also have to scan something for him and i put my crochet down on the table. Gordon chose to play with my crochet hook and poked it through the mozzie netting and scratched the tip and along the lower part's surface.

Weiii.... new set of crochet hooks leh. Just started on a new project with it. I called the shop up and it's irreplaceable. Nevermind, someone's gonna pay for it later on my next trip there and it's not ME, obviously. Not much damage lah, 300 jek. Skali i swipe can di. *evil cackle*


Simple American said...

Such a fierce one. Better be lah!

Sweetpea said...

hhmm.. you don't sound too angry. must be the trip :P