Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Apartments are better than hotels

Since the beginning of this year, hubby's been traveling a lot. Nearly once every fortnight or so. The kids miss him like crazy. But, what to do, the business is expanding and it is imperative that he has to be around when there are presentations going on. Once we get past thois stage, he wont need to travel that much and can spend lots of time home with the kids and i.

His schedule is also ad hoc. Booking a hotel room for him at the very last minute is also another major obstacle i have to face nearly everytime he has to travel. Not that he likes to stay in hotel rooms also. He always say that hotels lacks the kind of privacy that Luxury Serviced Apartments provides. He insists that i book him a stay at a luxury serviced apartment instead of a hotel room the following month.

One thing i like about staying in a luxury serviced apartment is it's spacious. He can hold meeting inside the luxury serviced apartment without having to go anywhere. Saves him a lot of time. I told him that i'll definitely book him one from next time. They offers the best package available on the internet. He says he cant wait to check it out for himself, lol.

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